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  The US Supreme today upheld a three-drug cocktail method for conducting lethal injections. Hear the story of Carol Weihrer, whose experience of awakening during an eye operation some say mirrors the possible risks of lethal injection as a form of capital punishment.
  We were saddened to hear of the passing of Rev. Robert Shields, author of the Worlds Longest Diary, on October 15, 2007. Rev. Shields stopped compiling his diary in 1997, after suffering a stroke, but never lost his humor or spark. He is survived by his wife Grace and three daughters. He was a beloved member of the Sound Portraits family, and we send our heartfelt condolences to the Shields family.
  Herta Freiberg, who along with her family, heroically hid Siegbert Freiberg from the Nazis during World War II, died quietly in her sleep last night. She was 96 years old and lived in New Jersey. Siegbert and Herta were the subjects of our Yiddish Radio Project program "Reunion." Siegbert passed away on April 20, 2002. Their courage, love and devotion will inspire us always.
  The famed Cyclone roller coaster turns 80 years old today. Meet the the Cyclone's devoted repairman Walter Williams in the radio documentary Coney Island.
  On March 21, Sound Portraits lost a dear friend with the passing of Bernie Barker—the world's Oldest Male Stripper. Bernie, a retired nuclear engineer, began performing as a strip-tease artist following a surgery for prostate cancer when he was 60.

In the years since his story ran, Bernie continued to dance professionally and compete in dance competitions. He also followed his dream of becoming an actor and appeared the big and small screen. Bernie wore many hats, but was always a gentleman and something of a philosopher. In his unpublished autobiography Bernie described his personal credo as follows: "I believe that anything is possible and good things sometimes happen to those that try hardest...I do not choose to be a common man. It is my right to be uncommon if I can. I seek opportunity not security...I want to take the calculated risk: to dream and to build to fail and to succeed. All this is what it means to be an American."
  Sophia Newman, Lloyd Newman's older sister who told her story in the documentary Ghetto Life 101 , died of a lung ailment this morning. Sophia is survived by her sisters and brothers: Lloyd, Mike, Precious Lindell and Erica Newman and her two children George and Gelya. Sound Portraits mourns the loss of a warm, intelligent, brave and loving friend. Sophia was born wise beyond her years and valued her family above all else. She will be sorely missed. Cards can be sent to the Newman family care of Sound Portraits, 80 Hanson Place Brooklyn, NY 11217.
  July 2nd would have been Sylvia Rivera's 55th birthday. Sylvia (1951-2002) was the Rosa Parks of the gay rights movement, and a beloved member of the Sound Portraits family. Sylvia was featured in our 1989 documentary Remembering Stonewall.
  A recent Supreme Court decision left the door open for death row inmates to challenge the constitutionalty of lethal injection by arguing that the standard use of pancuronium bromide (which immobilizes but may not block consciousness) amounts to cruel and unusual punishment. That nightmare was the experience of Carol Weihrer who found herself conscious during eye surgery in 1998. You can hear Carol's story here.
  Matt Kennedy, born more than a century ago in Coney Island, Brooklyn, spent his childhood reveling in Coney Island's wonders, and his adulthood fighting against its decline. In 1990, Dave Isay interviewed Matt Kennedy for a short documentary. Mr. Kennedy died on March 22nd, having lived to see his efforts rewarded by Coney Island's current renaissance. Click here to listen.
  "Charlie's Story" is a rare first person look into life in a flophouse on New York City's Bowery. Charlie Geter, who worked on the project for nearly two years, would have been 59 on February 2nd. He passed away on January 7th, 2005.
  December 1st marked the 1,000th execution in the United States since capital punishment was reinstated in 1976. Listen to the Sound Portraits documentaries "The Execution Tapes" and "Witness to an Execution" for a personal perspective.
  Our latest piece, Kaleria Palchikoff Drago, Witness to the Atom Bomb, airs on NPR's All Things Considered.
  Our latest piece, Jack Aeby, Atom-Bomb Photographer, airs on NPR's All Things Considered.
  We're proud to announce the opening of the World Trade Center StoryBooth. See the press release for details.
  Our sister project, StoryCorps, is proud to announce its nationwide MobileBooth tour.
  Belmont Park celebrates its 100th anniversary. Listen to our story on the park's barbershop.
  April 15, 2005, marks the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the Bergen Belsen concentration camp. Listen now to recordings made that day.
  Our piece Julius Howell, Civil War General airs on NPR's Morning Edition. Listen now.
  We've posted an update from Bernie Barker, the oldest male stripper.
  Happy birthday to Joe Franklin, born March 9, 1926, in the Bronx.

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