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Complete Audio of the Execution Tapes

Below is the complete collection of subpoenaed Georgia execution tapes, totaling more than eight hours of audio. These RealAudio files are transfers of the raw, unedited tapes. Some of the tapes begin after the execution has started or end before the procedure has been completed. Any gaps in the files exist on the original tapes themselves.

The Georgia Department of Corrections recorded the executions from three locations:

  • Command Post. The most complete recording of each execution is the taped telephone conversation between department of corrections officials in Atlanta and the prison personnel in a room adjacent to the death chamber. These recordings, which often document the arrival of the witnesses and the removal of the body, are the most descriptive of the execution procedure.

  • Death chamber. Recordings from the death chamber capture the warden swearing in witnesses, reading the death warrant, affording the condemned a chance to add to his last words, and pronouncing death. The electrocution itself is not recorded.

  • Inmate's cell. Recordings from the inmate's cell are made two hours prior to the scheduled execution. Here, the inmate is given the opportunity to make a final statement with no time limitation.
Inmate's Name Execution Date
Audio Source
John Eldon Smith Dec 15, 1983     Death Chamber
Ivon Ray Stanley Jul 12, 1984 Inmate's Cell Command Post  
Alpha Otis O'Daniel Stephens Dec 12, 1984     Death Chamber
Roosevelt Green Jan 9, 1985   Command Post  
Van Roosevelt Solomon Feb 20, 1985 Inmate's Cell Command Post Death Chamber
John Young Mar 20, 1985 Inmate's Cell   Death Chamber
Jerome Bowden Jun 25, 1986 Inmate's Cell Command Post Death Chamber
Joseph Mulligan May 15, 1987 Inmate's Cell Command Post Death Chamber
Richard Tucker May 22, 1987 Inmate's Cell Command Post Death Chamber
William Boyd Tucker May 29, 1987   Command Post  
Timothy McCorquodale Oct 21, 1987 Inmate's Cell Command Post Death Chamber
Henry Willis May 18, 1989 Inmate's Cell Command Post Death Chamber
Warren McCleskey Sep 25, 1991 Inmate's Cell Command Post Death Chamber
Thomas Dean Stevens Jun 29, 1993   Command Post Death Chamber
Christopher Burger Dec 7, 1993   Command Post Death Chamber
William H. Hance Mar 31, 1994   Command Post  
Larry Grant Lonchar Nov 14, 1996   Command Post  
Ellis Wayne Felker Nov 15, 1996 Inmate's Cell    

Ivon Ray Stanley
"Botched" Execution
Last Words
Complete Audio


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