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Execution of Ivon Ray Stanley

The broadcast began with an excerpt from one of the tapes, the 1984 electrocution of Ivon Ray Stanley.

[Photo: Ivon Ray Stanley]

Ivon Ray Stanley was convicted of the 1976 murder of Clifford Floyd, an insurance agent, who was robbed, beaten, and shot. Stanley, who had an IQ of 62, was executed on July 12, 1984. He was 28 years old.

Below is a RealAudio file of the execution. Note that it is a broadcast version of the tape -- extended silences, repetitive phrases, and unintelligible comments have been removed. Please see the complete audio archive for complete audio of this and all other execution available.

Execution of Ivon Ray Stanley (mp3 file, 12:33 min.)

This is a recording of the telephone conversation between department of corrections officials in Atlanta and the prison personnel in a room adjacent to the death chamber. The main speaker is Willis Marable, an assistant to the warden at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison, where all of the state's executions are carried out. From the small room adjacent to the death chamber, Marable watched the execution through a one-way mirror and described in detail exactly what transpired to officials in Atlanta. The "clunking" sounds on the tape are prison doors slamming elsewhere in the institution.

To begin the electrocution, three volunteer corrections officers, standing beside Marable, each pressed a button simultaneously. Only one button actually triggered the electricity, so the employees never knew who actually sent the fatal charge. Electricity then passed through Stanley's body for a total of two minutes in the following stages:

    Stage 1: 1,700 volts (5 sec.)
    Stage 2: 1,000 volts (7 sec.)
    Stage 3: 208 volts (108 sec.)

This was followed by a five-minute "cool-down" period before two physicians entered the death chamber to determine death.

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