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Update on Bernie Barker, Oldest Male Stripper

Bernie Barker sent the following update on March 15, 2005.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank those that heard my documentary and found the time and interest to send me literally hundreds of e-mails. I did attempt to answer every question and it was a delight to do so. I still get e-mail, so I want to give those interested in me an update as to my activities. More important is to share some of my thoughts about why in the world would someone now 64 years old want to do the things I do. I started striptease activities at age 60, after prostate cancer surgery, as kind of a fun thing to get in shape, never having done it before. Since then, partly because of the fun I had and the health benefits I received (from exercising so much to look my best and eating more healthy foods) I have continued these activities. Over the past four years, I’ve won 42 striptease contests and received Guinness recognition. While those victories are very motivational to me, it is the audience reactions and the e-mail from just great people that are the reasons I continue. As they say, never say never.

One my current challenges is that I moved from Miami to Las Vegas a year ago. I am now truly an entertainer at heart and came to the entertainment capitol of the world to seek venues to be just that. I am also a born-competitor, having been an athlete all my life. One of my beliefs is that if a person is willing to pay the price anything is possible. Not age, not gender, not race can prevent someone with determination from achieving a lifetime goal.

My own personal goals are to continue to do striptease for ladies as long as the audience receives enjoyment from it. I will stop the day they do not. I am improving my techniques as a dancer and have aspirations for doing more of that if I can find the right venue for me. (I have had some success doing commercials and TV shows and small bit parts in film.) My heart is always that of an entertainer on stage and I hope to get more opportunities here for that. So, in closing, thanks to everyone that wrote me; please continue to do so. I hope each person who reads my little note finds the same joy in his or her life that I find doing what I do.

Best Always,





Update from Bernie Barker [posted Apr 04, 2005]

Photographs of Bernie Barker

Excerpt from Barker's unpublished autobiography

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