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Update on Remembering Stonewall

Sylvia Rivera, a drag queen who led the charge at the Stonewall Riots when she was 17, sent in the following update on July 4, 2001:

Since May, I've been the food director at the Metropolitan Community Church food pantry. My girlfriend Julia is my assistant and my computer person (because I still don't know a damn thing about these new modern contraptions of yours!). We have also been rather busy with the resurrection of Street Transgender Action Revolutionaries and are planning protests around the trail of Amanda Milan's assassins. So between the jobs and politics, you know how frantic it is. One of our main goals right now is to destroy the Human Rights Campaign, because I'm tired of sitting on the back of the bumper. It's not even the back of the bus anymore -- it's the back of the bumper. The bitch on wheels is back.

Revolutionary love,

Sylvia Rivera
July 4, 2001




Holding On, a book with an oral history based on this documentary

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"Acting Up", a short radio piece by an AIDS activist

Photographs of Sylvia Rivera's funeral march, from the Web site Queen Mother

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