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Robert Shields, World's Longest Diary
Recorded in Dayton, Washington.
Premiered January 27, 1994, on Morning Edition.

For twenty years, Robert Shields of Dayton, Washington, has kept a written record of absolutely everything that has happened to him, day and night. For no less than four hours each day, Shields holes himself up in the small office in his home, turns on his stereo, and types. His diary, at 35 million words, is believed to be the world's longest.

Producer David Isay / Mix engineer: Caryl Wheeler / Funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the New York State Council on the Arts and the Corporation. Photograph by Harvey Wang.


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This piece is available in the following audio formats [6:14 min]:
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Holding On, a book with an oral history based on this documentary

A page from Robert Shields's diary

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